ITID Update On The Aftermath Of Tropical Storm Isaac

The following update was released today by the Indian Trail Improvement District:

The Indian Trail Improvement District, the South Florida Water Management District, Palm Beach County, the Department of Health, the Solid Waste Authority, and the Palm Beach County School District provide the following information:

• ITID received 100 percent additional discharge for the lower M1 Basin, which is north of the Village of Royal Palm Beach

• ITID is pumping from the M1 Basin into the City of West Palm Beach’s M Canal for much needed additional discharge

• The 40th & 123rd berm breach is being repaired.

• 130th Avenue North is being repaired for washouts along the lower M1 Basin area.

• ITID pump stations are continuing to pump.

• ITID thru roads are improving.

• Flooding in the roads is draining into the canals, so canals may not appear to be lower. As the quarter mile road sections drain and clear, the canal levels will lower. This will still take several days, provided there is no more rainfall.

• Quarter mile roads that are not flooded are being maintained to help keep them from deteriorating further.

• There is not a breach of the Corbett Berm. SFWMD has placed three pumps in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Area and is closely monitoring them on the ground and in the air. SFWMD has staged material in the area in the event there is any problem. ITID and SFWMD and JW Corbett Staff are monitoring the berm. FEMA is working with Palm Beach County and Governor Scott to provide individual assistance.

• The Department of Health has provided information on what to do if your well is flooded. Go to the ITID website at, click on “Isaac Related Announcements” and click on “Florida Department of Health – What Should I Do if My Well is Flooded?”

• If you are trapped in your home and have a life safety issue, call 911 immediately.

• If you are trapped in your home, call the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center at (561) 712-6400, Emergency Operations, Number 3. They will come get you and/or bring you food and water.

• The Red Cross is at Acreage Community Park with clean up kits, water, and snacks. The Salvation Army is providing hot meals around noon.

• Waste Pro has staging areas at Acreage Community Park and Sycamore Park for residents who want to drop off household trash and will be there until 4 p.m.

• Palm Beach County has an emergency facility set up at the library with water and other items.

• Kidscape Park, Citrus Grove, and Sycamore Parks are scheduled to open on Thursday, Aug. 30.