Letter: Beware Of Mitt Romney

So, let’s see: Mitt Romney was founder, CEO and CFO (and sole shareholder before 1999) of Bain Capital. Yet from 1999 to 2002, he made no decisions for Bain investments, and says he did not know what investments were made or who made them. And still he and Bain’s shareholders received the benefit of the vast profits of Bain.

So who was running Bain and made all the decisions? Nice trick. Who puts their life’s savings into a company with no leader? Does that mean that if Romney is president of the United States, he will be absent and not know or care who is running the country and making decisions? Just sayin’!

Tax disclosure for 10 years has been the history of past presidential candidates, including Romney’s father, who willingly gave them. So what is he — or is it his wife — afraid of, since she seems to be the spokesperson for their tax returns and assets?

The Olympics, which Romney is so proud of, would not have been successful without the “donation” of the federal government — yes, the U.S. federal government.

It is a bit egocentric and self-delusional for Romney to think that he did anything to be successful by himself. After all, he inherited his money, he had federal assistance in every way, from tax loopholes for his businesses, which he seems proud to have availed himself of, to federal funding for the Olympics and for Massachusetts when he was governor.

What President Obama said, basically, if anyone can think in abstract terms, is that “no man is an island.” Only the Republicans will argue with that.

Shirley Bass


  1. Mr. Morelli, One of the reasons we have no common ground and never will is because you are of the belief that people should live according to your beliefs only. Your ideas on church/state seperation, abortion, birth control, your anti-gay stance, views that big business will always do the right thing for people, your lack of understanding on anything you label as ‘progressive’ (i.e. this century) is keeping you mired in the past. I am liberal on some issues, consertavie on others, centrist on most, but your staunch radical right views (I dislike radical views on either side fo the spectrum by the way) are anathema to thinking people.
    I also with the best to you and your family, but without the supernatural ‘god’ involved.

    • Well sir, the beauty of living in a country under God is that we can disagee and express our disagreement here in public. I wouldn’t be able to express my anti big government opinions in a totalitarian state like Russia or China, nor can I express my religious views in one of our public schools.

      Thank you for your good wishes. And have a blessed day.

      • It ha nothing to do with living in a ‘country under god’, it has to do with living in a country that is possibly the greatest experiment in democracy ever! A great country where the seperation of church and state is paramount. Many countires ‘live under god’ and you are not allowed to express a dissenting view. Of course in your view they live under the wrong god, the wrong set of beliefs, as yours is the only correct one. Look down through history and those countries that lived under god were quite repressive of opposing views. You obviously are not a student of history or else you would know this. Remember the adage that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. All totalitarian governments are bad, obviously, but down through history there have been more religious totalitarian governments then secular. All have been repressive. We in America have opted for this church/state separation to avoid the religious dominated regimes and our system of democracy would avoid the secular totalitarian regimes. Let’s keep it this way and continue our noble experiment in democracy!

        • Mr. Rosen, I still believe that you and I are polar opposites. We will probably never agree on the major issues. My position is inalterable. I also believe that only God is big enough to alter your beliefs, if you let Him.

          I would hope that we might agree that there is too much hate today in the world and in America. I believe that love is the answer. I do believe in tolerance but like a referee in a football game I am in the fray but not a part of it. Like the referee who is ruled by the NFL, I am guided by a higher authority Who creates rules of order.

          Being human I sometimes transgress the ideals in which I believe. I think that I should apologize to you at least for saying that I am a lawyer and that I really respect Glenn Beck. I have found that progressives are quite intolerant of both. I have to admit in a moment of weakness I tried to anger you. I hope I didn’t and if I did I am sorry.

          If there is something that is bothering you and you feel compelled to state it, I will read it, but probaby not reply, unless you happen to have a change of heart.

          Have a good day and I pray that you will continue to be happy and prosperous, whichis what I pray for everyone in America.

          • Mr. Morelli, I accept that we are polar opposites, and also that your position is inalterable. Unfortunately that is the case with most overzealous religious people. In science people change their minds based on the evidence, in religion people have a fixed position and only look for specific evidence that supports their position (a scientist just reversed reversed his position on global warming due to some research he and his team conducted.) Sad that your position is that inalterable, and only goes to reaffirm the old adage “Religion is a crutch for people who can’t think for themselves”. I feel you are quite an educated person, but to actually state that your position is inalterable and that only God is big enough to alter your beliefs is very scary. We do agree that there is too much hate in the world today, but I also think there is too much intolerence and to simply abrogate all responsibility for your intolerence on the fact that you are guided by a ‘higher authority’ is sad. That is one of the reasons there is so much hate in the world today. Also, proud I’m to be a Progressive and will continue to be as long as new things are coming to light (although I still refuse to get a cell phone and learn to use it until they promise me it’s the last one they’re going to invent!). Oh, and lawyers are fine, but Glenn Beck….. I just find it funny that people really believe most of the things he says and do not research a lot of it. But again, we live in an age of sound bites, and if someone says it on TV it must be true!

  2. So this is bad now to be a successful business man? May I respectfully ask what you have accomplished? Have you started a business that employs workers? If so I have great respect for you. It is virtually impossible now to start a business without government approval, without paying heavy taxes that support government programs that are going into bankruptcy.

    I am a stockholder and if you are also a stockholder and you and I receive “benefits” from the corporations that we own does that make us a bad person?

    Shirley will all due respect, you say that Romney put his life savings into Bain, but those in your Democrat party say that he has investment in foreign banks and is hiding his assets? Which is it? Did he do what you said or what those in your Democrat party have said?

    How about asking Obama to disclose his college and law school transcripts before asking for Romney’s tax returns? And I am very pleased that a successful self made man has a change to fix what your party has destroyed over the past three and one half years.

    I respectfully point out to you my fellow countryman that the Olympics were not successful because government used our tax dollars to pay for it. the Olympics were successful because individuals worked hard to be the best and they provided the entertainment value that generated viewership.
    A lot of Democrats inherited or married into money. That’s ok with me, but apparently you are unaware that what Romney inherited from his father he gave to charity. How about doing some good research.

    Isn’t it just that you favor abortion, separation of church and state, and want to change the definition of marriage and that Romney may be standing in the way of your ideology? If so please admit it because your carping is transparently shallow.

    • I’m sorry, Frank, but she’s right. Beware of Mitt! He is nothing but a flip-flopper. His foreign policy is looking better by the day. Every country he went to this past week bashed him! I’m not saying our current president is the best choice, but he’s the better choice in the upcoming election.

      • Anthony, thanks for your advice, but I am a lawyer with 40 years of experience. You are not talking to a useful idiot. If Obama wins, I hope you have food storage and plenty of guns and ammunition, because you are going to need both. Oh, and by the way, I really respect Glenn Beck. Now I bet that gets a rise out of you, my progressive friend.

        • Frank, I just wanted to reply almost line by line to your last comment. You are a lawyer, not a surprise there!!! You say you are “not a useful idiot”, to that I would agree, you are not “useful”. You also use the term Progressive in a negative way, ever notice that the root of the word is ‘progress’? stop living in the 1940’s (or is it 1840’s?) and make some progress!! I have been reading your diatribes for awhile now and feel that despite your education you are really quite lost in the real world.

          • I’m pretty content with myself and with my beliefs. And I love being a lawyer. It’s very interesting and rewarding.You and I have no common ground, and probably never will. Have a good day Mr Rosen. I wish you the best and may God Bless you and you family.

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