Letter: Vote NO On PBC Question 1

Are you a dog lover? If so, consider not voting for Palm Beach County Question 1 “Slot Machines at Licensed Pari-Mutuel Facilities Located in Palm Beach County.” This would authorize slot machines within licensed pari-mutuel facilities in Palm Beach County, luring more people to partake in the exploitation of greyhounds. According to the ASPCA, “life in the fast lane is no picnic for these overworked dogs.”

Every year, thousands of young and healthy greyhounds are killed merely because they lack racing potential, are injured while racing or are no longer competitive. Life is hard for those who make the grade, they spend long hours in cramped kennels and are deprived of normal social contact and life experiences.

By voting to put slot-machines at pari-mutuel facilities, you will, as an unintended consequence, be encouraging the maltreatment of greyhounds. Vote no, and do it for the dogs.

Dawn Frood
The Acreage