Letter: Not Happy With Wellington Council

Aside from the fact that soot from sugar cane burning is coating our roofs, drives, sidewalks and streets, the soot is also coating our lungs. We have heard nothing from the Wellington Village Council about that problem. They appear to be far too busy protecting us from a dressage building and the World Equestrian Games. (The dressage venue had already been approved by a previous council.)

Oh, and they have also been engaged in firing their attorney (for no known reason), and they may possibly be gearing up to rid us of our very “dangerous” village manager (who has cut spending and taxes drastically without cutting services at all). Are village residents happy about this council?

Phil Sexton


  1. Hey William Wallace – all Bellissimo has done is
    *Raised the quality of the *largest economic engine in Wellington,
    *Raised more for Palm Beach County charities than any other person n Wellington,
    *Created more jobs in Wellington
    *Reached out to the public school system to provide both enteratinment and exposure to potential future opportunites,
    *Rescued a facility that was falling apart with the previous owners threated to leave Wellington entirely if they didnt’ get there way,
    *Donated thousands to Wellington’s other sports,
    *Brought international recognition for the longest running sprots event in Palm Beach County, which brings in 4 times second place basenall.
    * All with private money. Not a cent of taxpayer money.

    Now, tell me the just what your “hounds” want and how they can do better for more people across the entire economic spectruM?

    Just what does “power to the people” want? Poverty, crime and high unemployment? if that’s what want, maybe you would be happier in Belle Glade.

  2. When one’s entire community is being challenged to appease the wishes of a part-time resident who happens to wield the power of an enlarged wallet and ego, it is human nature and an act of bravery to resist those puppets whose council seats were purchased for his own personal use, and who will later be thrown aside when no longer needed. Anne Gerwig is a woman of character and conviction and is owned by no one. She refuses to be included with those who have perfected the art of butt kissing a selfish old man simply because they are in awe of his wealth and hopeful of his generosity. It is sad for the future of the Village of Wellington that the continued mismanagement by these subservient councilmen is not yet obvious to all residents. Good letter Phil.Sexton!

  3. Thankfully we now have a council that listens to the people instead of listening to just one person – Mark Bellissimo. Anne Gerwig is the last of the Bellissimo-owned stable of politicians on the council but that will change in 2014 when the “hounds” are released. Power to the People!

  4. I can no longer watch the Three Stooges. I had to turn off the tv dueing their discussion of the city attorney. You could tell it was all pre-arranged and violated the sunshine doctrine – they obviously planned in advance. Willhite even slipped and made reference to a prior meeting that was held.

    It was a done deal so I turned it off.

  5. The Jacobs family owns the current mayor and the former mayor Tom Wenham.

    Wenham should be ashamed he is Jacobs mistress and he is supporting the destruction of this city because Jacobs wants no traffic on Pierson.

    Hey Mr. Wenham you want to do good then remove those speed mountains on Pierson that your administration built for Jacobs when you were mayor.

    I go to my shop in the commerce park every day and every other day I get an alignment on my truck.

  6. Wellington has a disfunctional council. They rarely compromise on issues and are antagonistic toward each other. It’s an embarrassment for the community.

    There is one councilperson whose dislike of the former attorney for Wellington was palpable during meetings. That negativity is not directed just at the former attorney, but at many members of the Village staff. It’s a constant attack mode in this councilperson’s discussions at every single meeting.

    The constant barrage of attack is demeaning, childish and very offensive to many who watch the council.

    Let’s hope this councilperson will show grown up behavior- some maturity- and will stop the negativity that is spewed on a regular basis toward Wellington staff and others.

    Let’s go forward in 2013 with a more positive council willingly to work together and willing to compromise. The power mad, ‘I’m in control’, ‘It’s my way of the highway’ mentality should stop.

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