Letter: A Message For Paul Ryan

Thank you, Paul Ryan, for representing the American people! I am overjoyed knowing that our youth can have the opportunity to achieve the education and fortune that you have. Like your ancestors, they too can someday brag about all the wealth and success they earned through government construction contracts like the ones your family’s business benefited from. Would you call them handouts?

Thank you for reminding me about the safety net for today’s youth should they suffer the same loss of a parent as you had. You have reminded us about how our wonderful American government supported your family through the death benefits provided by Social Security after the untimely death of your father. Now I can sleep better at night knowing about such benevolence. You and your family have so much to be grateful for directly due to our government handouts. What would Ayn Rand say about that?

You were provided income and education on the taxpayer’s dime before you got a job and paid even one penny into taxes yourself. You now have the opportunity to return the favor. You wield the power to make things even better for the next generation. However, your budget tears those dreams and hopes apart for everyone but the wealthy, of course, who actually benefit even more.

Your lack of gratitude is quite apparent to me as I watch you pull the ladder up behind you that you climbed up on your own ascension toward achieving the American Dream.

Jude Smallwood, Royal Palm Beach