Letter: Be Sure To Vote In Critical Election

All the citizens of Royal Palm Beach must come out in droves and vote, or we will rue the day we did not. We are faced with a critical situation, and we have an opportunity to protect our homes, the safety of our communities and our children’s lives.

The task force that I sat on in 2011 was charged with coming up with a plan for the old wastewater treatment plant off Crestwood Blvd., next to H.L. Johnson Elementary School. Despite our findings and recommendations, Ms. [Martha] Webster’s position has not changed. She still wants to designate this land usage for commercial or industrial development. In my view, Ms. Webster’s actions, voting records and history of confrontation at board meetings makes most of us feel like she believes she is always right and everyone else is always wrong.

Imagine the perilous situation our children will face as 18 wheelers barrel down Crestwood Blvd. Imagine the noise pollution and traffic on Crestwood Blvd. Imagine the potential carnage from accidents or hazardous materials that could go through this bedroom community and right next to an elementary school. All things are possible when you open Pandora’s Box.

Her ideas, if they come to fruition, would probably cause our property values to plummet as our homes become undesirable. Ms. Webster’s voting record speaks volumes on where her loyalties lie. Clearly they are not with the home owners north of Okeechobee Blvd. Please, take a look at her voting record. The development of commercial/industry on this site is clearly wrong, and it does not belong there. I am all for job creation, but it must be situated in logical places. It must be conducive to business development, success and growth. Further, it must be harmonious with the surrounding area. None of her recommendations meet this criteria, and frankly her position is contrary to common sense.

To all the citizens of Saratoga, Madison Green, Hawthorne, La Mancha, the Woods, Porto Sol, and the rest of us who reside in Royal Palm Beach, you must come out and vote. It is your inalienable right to vote and be heard. Stand up for yourself and let your voices be heard. Vote and get all your neighbors to vote, and please spread the word to get everyone out to vote!

In my view, and as demonstrated by his actions, not empty words, Mr. David Swift has the vision, the experience and works very well with others. He is committed to protecting our communities. Putting industry right next door to our homes and directly next to an elementary school is irresponsible and shows lack of concern for our community’s best interests. Mr. David Swift, in my view, is a fabulous candidate who has all of our best interests at heart. He deserves your support, and I know he has mine.

Michael Axelberd, Royal Palm Beach