Wellington Chamber Welcomes Muscle Works Supplements

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce recently had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Muscle Works Supplements, located at 10220 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 130, in the Pointe at Wellington Green.

The store is owned and operated by a father-and-son team passionate about fitness and health. Both have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supplementation that enhances people’s health in general plus provides peak performance for athletes.

Ken Muller and his son Troy are the owners of Muscle Works Supplements. Ken was born and raised in Connecticut. After he graduated high school, he went to the University of Connecticut for two years and studied business. He then attended the University of South Florida in Tampa for two years where he earned his degree in business administration with a major in finance. After a brief stint at Louisiana State University, Ken returned to Florida and began brokering and developing real estate in Boca Raton.

After 18 years in the real estate industry, he began looking into alternate businesses where he and his son could work together. The entire family has always had an interest in fitness and competitive sports, so Muscle Works Supplements was a perfect fit. The doors opened the first week of January.

“Having played baseball, ran track in high school and then ultimately played baseball in college, I’d always been interested in fitness,” Ken said. “At that time, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a young pup and he was winning the Olympics and drawing a lot of attention to himself, and I started looking at supplementation back then. In the late ’70s, there really wasn’t much of anything going on in the world of supplementation. It was all very basic vitamins. For protein, you would eat a lot of eggs, a lot of steak and that sort of thing. I was big into drinking egg yolks and that sort of stuff, which is extremely nasty and dangerous. But at the time, that was the only option.”

As life evolved for Ken, his entire family grew into the fitness lifestyle and his children started playing sports. His kids began to do preparation weight training for competition and started using supplements. As a concerned father, Ken wanted to know more about the supplements the kids were taking. He began to look more closely at the ingredients and research what they were. Troy also began doing research since he was an athlete and was consuming the products.

Their new business offers sports-related nutrition and supplementation, but it’s not just for athletes and sports.

“A lot of the things that we carry here are geared toward young athletes, professional athletes in order to help them be as healthy as possible and maintain their performance,” Ken said. “But we also have a lot of mainstream products that are for anybody who wants to get healthy, whether it be losing weight, getting stronger at the gym or rehabbing from injury. Between my expertise and my son’s expertise, we can offer a lot of common sense advice as to what might work for somebody and what direction they might go in.”

Ken noted that aside from playing sports, he also spend a number of years as a high school coach in South Florida, coaching varsity and junior varsity baseball.

“I’ve got the experience not only as a parent but as a player and as a coach dealing with young players and making sure they are doing things the right way health wise as far as their workouts and their supplementation,” he said.

Muscle Works carries a full line of sports and fitness supplements at reasonable prices.

“We always do our best to make sure that our pricing is below the national names you would recognize out there or the national retailers that provide these supplements,” he said.

For more information about Muscle Works, call (561) 753-9225, e-mail muscleworkssupplements@gmail.com or visit www.muscleworkssupplements.com.

For more information about Wellington businesses, call the Wellington Chamber of Commerce at (561) 792-6525 or visit www.wellingtonchamber.com.


ABOVE: (L-R) Carmine Marino, Mark “Boz” Bozicevic, Ken Muller, Troy Muller and Denise Carpenter.