Lala’s Open Schooling A Great Success

James Lala offered his Wellington facility for open schooling on the morning of July 4. The facility was set up with a schooling ring, a hunter course and a jumper course. It was an opportunity for horses and riders to practice a show-like experience and jump around a beautiful course on GGT footing.

“We decided to offer this last minute, and it was really fun to do,” Lala said. “Open Schooling Day was not only fun, but very productive for the participants. One rider told me that it was really low pressure with show-like jumps and courses that were an awesome experience for her horses. I will be doing this again.”

Lala plans to hold another open schooling event with more advance notice later in the summer. “I will set some dates for the next event,” he said. “Stay tuned. Thanks to all who attended and helped.”

James Lala’s Wellington Quarantine LLC is recognized as South Florida’s top CEM quarantine. It is conveniently located just minutes from the Winter Equestrian Festival show grounds.

Now offering expanded services, Lala is accepting quality young horses in training, short or long-term stall rental, lay-up and rehabilitation horses, sale horses and show horses. He is also accepting quiet and accommodating mares to serve as quarantine test mares.

For more information, visit or call (561) 906-6668.

ABOVE: James Lala welcomes his guests to open schooling.