Letter: Jeopardizing Our Safety

Palm Beach County commissioners want to retime yellow lights on guesswork. It’s very simple. Changing from a proven scientific formula to an untested “standardized” yellow light system will definitely reduce the caution time (yellow light) in many cases.

This jeopardizes pedestrians’ and drivers’ safety and can result in more accidents, perhaps resulting in increased fatalities, as well. Deliberately putting the public at risk for money and control is no less than criminal, and these commissioners should be held responsible for any deaths or injury resulting from this terrible decision.

Perhaps collecting all the unpaid taxes and fines from their wealthy supporters and puppet masters who seem to think they are exempt from paying is a good place to start to get money legitimately without having to risk the public’s well being. Only knuckleheads put guesswork before scientific testing and proven theories.

Jude Smallwood
The Acreage