Letter: Fix Royal Palm Beach Blvd.

Most of the letter writers to the Town-Crier continue to complain about traffic in Royal Palm Beach on new four-lane roads. The worst road to travel in Royal Palm Beach is Royal Palm Beach Blvd. It is getting worse with every park and shop that is built in the village. This is a two-lane, residential road that was never meant for all the traffic cutting through our neighborhood to get to Southern Blvd., now a freeway to head to the eastern part of the county where most of the residents work.

When school is in session at Crestwood Middle School, the traffic jam from Sparrow Drive backs up traffic south almost to the circle at the entrance way. Now with Commons Park open right where the day care facility is at the Harvin Center, unloading children in the morning and picking up in the afternoon, it is impossible to get out onto the road.

The Royal Palm Beach Village Council needs to come up with a way to divert traffic off of the road between Okeechobee and Southern. Put some money into connecting roads that will move the cars out to State Road 7 or over to Crestwood. All I hear about is how the council wants to spend money on more inside Commons Park. It is time to start taking care of the original section of Royal Palm Beach and helping the voters who put you all in there in the first place 25 years ago!

Curtis Knight
Royal Palm Beach