Letter: Get The Facts On Common Core

We’ve recently seen Common Core and PARCC all over the news here in Florida, as groups and individuals take stands against and in favor of these new educational standards and tests. However, before you decide to love or hate these new educational reforms, all the facts should be taken into account.

Common Core was developed by a bipartisan coalition of governors and educators from across the country who all agree that in order for our schools to improve, there must be national standards of excellence in place. Common Core emphasizes the use of information to solve problems rather than basic memorization of facts and raises standards. The PARCC tests will measure students’ proficiency on these skills.

The aim of Common Core is to reduce remediation rates at colleges and universities and prepare students for jobs that require higher levels of thinking than any previous generation needed. A total of 45 states have already begun implementing Common Core, and it is time Florida joined them in saying “yes” to higher standards, better-prepared students and an enriching future for our children and grandchildren.

Geanine Wester, Co-President, League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County