Ideal And Dream Schools Collect Food

The entire student body of Ideal Elementary School and Dream Middle School in Royal Palm Beach pooled its manpower and creativity to collect nonperishable food items for those in need on Friday, Nov. 22.

This was not your average food drive. Principals Dr. Kris Soderman and Wendy Soderman encouraged the enchanting tone of the event with music and bellows of inspiration throughout the week to ensure students understood that the purpose of collecting canned goods reached far beyond the canned food formations.

Ideal Elementary took on the theme of “CANsas City” and built an entire city out of canned goods, while Dream Middle School banded together to feed the hungry and built instruments out of canned goods.

The schools’ parking lots were buzzing with excitement and surging with energy as students worked together with their teachers and volunteer parents to create the outstanding formations.

Dream Middle School students then performed a song associated with the instrument they built.

This event was hugely successful bringing in over 1,000 cans.