Hoteliers Visit ‘Wild West’ With Marshall Foundation

As part of its eco-tourism initiative, the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades held an event for local hoteliers at the Arthur R. Marshall National Wildlife Refuge on Nov. 19 to ensure that the hotel industry is familiar with what is considered a treasure by the National Wildlife Refuge system — the Everglades, right here in Palm Beach County.

Adventurers received a quick overview and were divided into smaller groups. They visited the exhibitions in the visitor center, walked the trail and went for airboat rides, arranged especially for the group’s visit.

Nancy Marshall, president of the foundation, said the goal is for the hospitality community to see how much fun and interesting the Everglades can be for visitors, and communicate its importance. “Tourists are often not aware of how easy it is to see this completely different environment,” she said.

For information about the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades call (561) 233-9004 or visit

ABOVE: Nancy Marshall with Aneliese Rosa, Rob Higley and Ariane Cortez from the Breakers Palm Beach.