Frontier’s Safety Patrol Helps Nonprofit

Over the last three months, the Frontier Elementary School safety patrol has been collecting buttons from all classes.

“Our patrols collected over 10 pounds of buttons to donate to Hugs and Kisses Inc. on Valentine’s Day,” safety patrol co-coordinator Sherrie Dulany said.

Hugs and Kisses is a nonprofit charity that raises funds to be used by local cancer patients in financial need for day-to-day living expenses. “The buttons will be used by Hugs and Kisses to make bracelets. These bracelets are sold by the charity,” safety patrol co-coordinator Olga Vidal explained.

The money helps cancer patients focus on treatment and getting better, rather than having them worry about bills that may be adding up.

Donating to Hugs and Kisses is the third service project Frontier Elementary’s safety patrols have organized to help people in the community.

(Right) Falyn Bell, co-coordinator Olga Vidal, Leonardo Caputo and co-coordinator Sherrie Dulany with some of the donated buttons.