Letter: Michelle Santamaria’s Campaign

On Sunday, July 13, despite afternoon thunderstorms and the final of the FIFA World Cup, a crowd of some 600 people from the western communities converged on the original Wellington Mall for the launch of Michelle Santamaria’s campaign for the District 6 seat on the Palm Beach County Commission being vacated by her famous father, Jess Santamaria, due to term limits.

The atmosphere inside the mall was both friendly and electrifying, and after a speech by her dad and a number of elected officials, Michelle took to the stage and received a rapturous ovation. She stated that she was not a clone of her father and asked members of the audience who had children to raise their hands. Most of them did. Then she asked how many of their children are exactly like them. Only one hand was raised… to much laughter. Michelle then stated that if elected, she would fight to end corruption in Palm Beach County, demand honest government and demand honest business.

She further stated that whilst she is not against development, she would fight to maintain the high quality of life that we enjoy in the western communities and to ensure a safe environment for our children and our children’s children.

Protecting the character and quality of life of our diverse western communities, she has also said she would fight to cut government waste by fighting for 100 percent independence and funding of the inspector general.

With her solid university education (three degrees), very strong professional experience (assistant state attorney 2005-2009), a business owner (2009-present) and training law enforcement officers to testify in court (including FBI agents). These credentials make Michelle Santamaria the best candidate in the field; a cut above the others.

If the enthusiasm shown by Sunday’s crowd is carried forward to the polls in November, then I confidently predict a landslide victory for Michelle Santamaria. She’s got momentum!

Karl Witter, The Acreage


  1. Um, where you there Jerry? I was and there was way more than 125 people. At our table alone, there were 20 people and the venue was crowded. You may think they came for the free food, but I know for a fact the majority were there to support her. Know your facts before you speak, please.

    • Where was I? Not invited and so not one of the Santamaria “groupies”. Not enuff “groupies” this time around to pay to get her elected.

  2. Yes Karl how smart you are. If all 125 people that crowded the old run down mall vote she will surely be a winner!!!! By the way, I think they all came for free food.

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