College Planning Masters Hosts Workshop At Church

St. Michael Lutheran Church hosted a free college planning workshop Wednesday, Sept. 10 in its sanctuary. David Eisenson of College Planning Masters gave an hour-long, information-packed presentation, which was well received by those attending — especially those with several kids in college at once. Parents and students got to de-stress while they learned how to maximize financial aid and minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

Topics that were covered included how to affordably send one’s child to his/her “first choice” school; creating a comprehensive college search plan; debunking common college planning myths; understanding how private “big ticket” universities can actually cost less in the long run than a state college; how to manage time and avoid procrastination; a review about the new changes in Bright Futures; explanations of FAFSA and Florida Pre-Paid and how that can actually cost students more money; and a review of how to avoid common financial aid application traps that lower aid eligibility; and strategies to increase free money from colleges, regardless of income or student achievements.

St. Michael Lutheran Church is located at 1925 Birkdale Drive in Wellington. It is situated at the corner of Birkdale Drive and Forest Hill Blvd. The church has other events coming up soon, and all residents are invited to attend. For more information, visit

College Planning Masters offers many workshops. For more information, visit or e-mail To register for an upcoming workshop, call (800) 776-6445, ext. 217.

ABOVE: David Eisenson presents information for college preparation.