Letter: Our Security In Muslim Hands?

What’s wrong with this title? Everything. These people want us dead or converted to Islam. President Obama will not put Americans in Iraq or Syria, saying it is their fight, not ours. Yes, it is their fight, but it is also ours. I don’t want to depend on Muslims to keep the United States safe, do you? I want American men and women fighting for our freedom and our country.

Who do you feel will do the job better, Americans or foreigners. They have nothing to lose if they fail to protect us and win over ISIS. Americans have their families and friends and 100 other reasons to keep us free. This war will be a deciding factor to our future, and we can’t afford to lose.

President Obama’s failures overseas and domestically have put our country in this position. Do you agree with him that Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and others in the Middle East should fight in our place? I don’t!

Ron Piretti, West Palm Beach


  1. Never before have we had such an awesome fighting force ready and willing to go into battle for the values of our nation. Never before have we had such a useless president with no skill to protect us. Heads are rolling and people are dying because this President is hiding his head in the sand. We are better people than this. It is our war and if we do not face it with strength and determination it will be the end of us all! Vote conservative from bottom to top on Nov 4th – STAND UP for AMERICANS!

  2. Sorry, just do not agree with this letter. Just damn tired of losing our Americans soldiers on foreign soil. No one wants their child, their husband, their Grandchildren, or their parent sent to another country to die.

    Let’s protect our borders, let’s use drones, aerial attacks and training of resident soldiers in the immediate troubled areas; so that they can defend their own country and their way of life.

    It’s time to stop wasting the lives of our children. Let’s bolster and protect our borders and work with those countries who are in close proximity to the USA.

    Where’s Germany, where’s France, where’s Italy, where’s Spain, where’s Belgium, where’s Greece? When do they send their soldiers and spend their monies on these wars?

    It’s just too easy to send Americans to foreign soil to die fighting when other nearby countries, which are closer to this conflict, fail to engage with their own troops and monies.

    Certainly, do not support President Obama’s domestic policies and did not vote for him; but do support his wanting to keep Our soldiers out of this on-going conflict, war.

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