Famed Drummer To Give ‘CRASH’ Course For Success

On Saturday, Oct. 18, Seagull Services will host CRASH Course for Success, a high-energy motivational speaking event presented by Grammy-nominated drummer, producer and songwriter Rich Redmond.

Those who are musicians or who simply march to a different drumbeat are invited to join the students at the Seagull Academy for Independent Living for the event.

Redmond’s CRASH (Commitment-Relationships-Attitude-Skill-Hunger) Course for Success is a well-crafted program to help anyone achieve success. Redmond used the concepts over several decades to navigate the competitive and challenging music industry.

Throughout the event, he will discuss how maintaining a commitment to one’s self and customers, honoring and developing relationships, cultivating a positive attitude, honing crucial skill sets and fanning the flames of success are concepts that all work together for achieving goals. He will also emphasize basic business theories while sharing humorous asides and passionate drumming examples to drive home key points.

Known as one of the top drummers in Nashville, Redmond is the powerhouse drummer behind Jason Aldean and has performed with numerous other musicians.

The class will be given at the Seagull Academy for Independent Living, 6250 N. Military Trail, just south of Rapids Water Park. The cost is $20 cash or $25 by credit card. For more info., visit www.seagull.org or call Elizabeth McDermott at (561) 842-5814, ext. 111.