Letter: Pick Crist Over Scott

The third and final debate between Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist was, in my opinion, deliberately designed to bring out the nasty, instead of focusing on what each plans to do to improve the economy, education, the environment and healthcare; all very important issues. That is what I, as a voter, wanted to hear about.

We’ve had our fill of political ads from Rick Scott that don’t pass the truth test, and his repeated efforts to make jobs “lost” by Charlie Crist and “gained” by Scott relevant were just beating a dead horse; there is enough evidence to the contrary — neither is fully responsible for those jobs lost or gained.

Watching and listening to Scott flail about attempting to answer questions throughout the debate, and, as usual, not directly, was not just painful, it was embarrassing. It was a very poor showing on his part.

Rick Scott is a relative “newbie” to Florida, moving from Texas (he was a part owner of the Texas Rangers along with George W. Bush at one time) to a home in Naples. Ever wonder why he would move to Florida and literally buy his way into the governorship? And now he has Jeb Bush touting himself as a judge of a good governor, implying that neither he nor Scott have ever been in politics for personal ambition. Hmmm. I think that their track records speak for themselves.

Whether Republican, independent or Democrat, Charlie Crist is Florida born and raised and knows our state well. I also believe that he has always had the best interests of our state and people, especially the middle class, at heart. I can’t say that for Rick Scott. Crist has my vote.

Patricia Abbott, Royal Palm Beach



  1. Did someone forget that we already did this Charlie thing. Scott has been very good to PBC – he has brought us a ton of high paying jobs that don’t require a degree as a cabana boy. Come on folks vote smart and stop this partisan stuff – vote for what really works – pay checks.

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