Letter: That Was An Endorsement?

The Palm Beach Post’s Palm Beach County Commission District 6 endorsement for Melissa McKinlay is the lamest rationale possible. Her best job as an “aide” was to “help” arrange for Gov. Rick Scott to tour Belle Glade and see firsthand the need for projects he had once vetoed… Are you kidding me?

The Post went on to remind McKinlay that she doesn’t remember or respect the fact that voters overwhelmingly support preserving farmland on the Agricultural Reserve, and wonders why longtime landowners shouldn’t be allowed to “cash in” to home builders, and get “full value” for their land.

According to the Post, McKinlay also believes that developers will just override local commissioners and go to Tallahassee if commissioners don’t play ball on development. That’s some endorsement!

That is not what Michelle Santamaria will be voting for. She knows what Corruption County is all about.

The Post focused their argument for not endorsing Michelle on questionable reasons, like her campaign is financed largely by her family. That is because the Santamarias do not take money from lobbyists.

The Post has pointed out that this local election will be critical to our county’s future. What kind of county will we be in the next 20 years? Who will win the battles over the environment, of homes, farms, roads?

We will need the best and the brightest. We will need Michelle Santamaria. A woman with a master’s of business administration degree. A woman with a doctor of jurisprudence degree. An assistant state attorney and an entrepreneur in business.

We will need the best and the brightest, and we will need Michelle Santamaria.

Morley Alperstein, Wellington


  1. McKinlay doesn’t even have a college degree. She ‘attended’ college. Santamaria has 3 degrees!

    We’ve got to vote in candidates that have the wherewithal to EARN a degree instead of standing on the shoulders and backs of others.

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