Austin Outdoor Presents Award To VillageWalk

Austin Outdoor recently presented a 2014 Planet National Landscape Award of Excellence to the board and residents of VillageWalk of Wellington.

The Planet Awards program recognizes superior projects in landscape management across the country overseen by a panel of landscape industry professionals that consider submissions from selected companies, included in the more than 4,000 member companies that participate in the landscape industry’s premier trade association. Projects that receive a National Landscape Award of Excellence are considered by experts to be the best examples of the association’s commitment to creating and preserving the beauty of our landscape.

At a recent community board meeting, the Austin Outdoor team, comprised of Account Manager Sueanna Nelson, Palm Beach Branch Manager Mike Munns and Austin Outdoor President Bill Dellecker, addressed the board and residents, explaining both the significance of the award and how Austin Outdoor values the lasting relationship that has been built with the community.

The Austin Outdoor team presents a framed print to the community’s property manager and president in commemoration of the award.