Villari’s Holiday Party Gives To Harmony House

On Saturday, Dec. 13, Master Ken Smith of Villari’s Martial Art Center in Royal Palm Beach held the school’s annual holiday party for the students and community with a special guest appearance by Santa, who arrived on a fire engine with lights flashing and sirens sounding. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful time, as Santa had brought early Christmas gifts for all in attendance.

Another special guest was Mary Cauthen, the director of domestic violence services at Harmony House. This is the fifth year of the collaboration between Harmony House and Villari’s RPB.

“The children and coaches began the toy and needed materials drive right before Thanksgiving,” Smith said. “There is a real sense of sharing with the community, and the children learn a lot about giving and sharing.”

On Wednesday before the party, the coaches and students held a wrapping party to get all the gift baskets ready to go for Harmony House. Many parents also helped.

Harmony House, a branch of the YWCA, is a shelter and a safe haven for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Harmony House almost exclusively relies on support from the surrounding community for donations, including everyday supplies.

ABOVE: Master Ken Smith, Mary Cauthen, Santa and Sensei Carolyn Penn.