Chiropractor Scott Snyder Completes Cranial Release Training

Dr. Scott Snyder, a chiropractic physician based in Royal Palm Beach, recently completed a four-day mastery class in the Cranial Release Technique, a therapeutic, hands-on procedure designed to improve health by restoring proper function to the nervous system and proper balance to body structure.

The program in West Palm Beach was presented by certified instructors affiliated with Cranial Release Technique Inc., a national training institute based in New York City. The organization trains healthcare providers in the philosophy, science and practice of the Cranial Release Technique and educates the public about the health-promoting benefits of cranial-based healthcare.

The 24 classroom-hour lecture and hands-on course covered a range of topics, including the anatomy of the cranium and spinal column, and a thorough exploration of the principles and mechanics of the Cranial Release Technique process.

In a process lasting only a few minutes, the Cranial Release Technique facilitates a release of long-standing strains within the cranial and nervous systems and promotes relaxation of the nervous system and muscle tissue tension throughout the body.

“This procedure allows the brain and central nervous system to move to a higher, more organized level of function,” said Dr. William C. Doreste, CEO of Cranial Release Technique Inc. “Patients experience a return to health and restoration of balance in life’s emotional and physical aspects.”

Snyder, whose office is located at 11328 Okeechobee Blvd., Suite 9, in Royal Palm Beach, can be contacted at (561) 798-8899.

ABOVE: Dr. Scott Snyder (left) is presented his certificate.