Letter: A New Contract For Schofield?

It is only June, but the Wellington Village Council is itching to get Paul Schofield on the “firing line.” The only reason Paul is not gone is that they could not find a reason to let him go. Our next election is March 15, 2016. Paul’s renewal contract must be made by September, but it doesn’t expire until Feb. 14, 2016, and it can be renewed for a year.

This year, there will be four council members running. Matt Willhite is term-limited, and he has his sights on Tallahassee. Anne Gerwig is thinking about running against Bob Margolis for mayor. Vice Mayor John Greene is running, as is newly appointed Councilman John McGovern.

There are sure to be a number of new candidates in the wings to challenge all of the current council members, who are certainly vulnerable. The current council has had a very bad year. They lost Howard Coates, and they had to bring in an outside arbitrator to get some peace. We need some help!

There is a solution. Paul’s contract could be extended for a year. During that time, a new council will be voted in. The transition will be easy, because no matter who is elected, they will have four years to work together and a year to judge Paul Schofield’s expertise.

Morley Alperstein, Wellington


  1. Paul Schofield has done an admirable job trying to please a highly dysfunctional Council, balancing a unique community that encompasses two highly regarded equestrian venues, EPA mandates, an Aero Club community, and successfully steering Wellington through the tough economic times that befell our country.

    Is he perfect? No, but then neither are those flawed Council members.

    It’s time for Wellingtonians to put aside political parties and elect new individuals who have a VISION for Wellington, not a vision for advancing themselves.

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