Letter: Why Get Rid Of The Manager?

Why would three councilmen want to get rid of Loxahatchee Groves’ management firm? Does it seem strange to anyone else? Underwood Management is known for upholding government transparency. The management company is not being investigated for election tampering. The management company is not being investigated for vague invoices and mismanaged funds, which they have found and questioned. The councilmen’s reason for attack is that the town manager and his staff welcome all residents into their offices and hear all neighborhood concerns. These councilmen want to take away our local rights — the freedom of speech, the right of privacy and the right to vote as we wish. They do not want us to know what goes on in our town unless they have censored it.

Please note, the re-elected councilmen, along with another councilman (all currently waiting for the finalized FDLE investigation for election tampering), arrogantly removed recently appointed committee members, which they appointed prior to the election scandal, replacing them with their personal friends and neighbors.

Hello, are you out there? Object to this arrogant behavior. These people are not only making decisions, but trying to change the rules. They currently don’t want a resident picked by another councilman for a committee, so now they want to make a change, allowing them final approval of any committee member. What? That has never been requested before. Why now? These are the three who want a new management company. Rumor has it they want a Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District supervisor to be the next town manager.

We do have an HOA in this town. It is called the Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District. If you have spoken up against the LGWCD or disagreed with them, go to town hall and see if you are on the code enforcement log. I did, and I was.

So, who do you want to get rid of? The town management that works for the residents or the self-serving councilmen with their private agendas who need control so badly they cheat, steal your identity and your right to vote?

Were you thinking recall? Although our justice system works slowly, it usually gets its person. In the meantime, we need to speak up. The three councilmen have shown their allegiance to each other by voting together on several important issues, including getting rid of the current town management. That action speaks for itself. They side with the infamous LGWCD and ignore the voices of the residents (thus our forever-stagnant trail system). How bad do you need that seat, sharing your victory with cheaters, disrespecting everything any serviceman or woman has fought for, the American rights no other country enjoys?

Please go to town meetings and LGWCD meetings when you can. I know you’re out there; we won the last election.

Phillis Maniglia, Loxahatchee Groves