Letter: Support For RaceTrac Gas Station In RPB

Do the residents of Royal Palm Beach think we have a friendly and beautiful village? Well, based on my 26 years as a resident of Royal Palm Beach, I definitely know we do. What is it that has made our village so beautiful? It’s you, the residents. I say this because you are the voters who selected our present mayor and council, and they are the ones that plan and control our budget that keeps our village beautiful.

After a review of the rules and regulations, the village’s planning committee has approved all the requirements for a RaceTrac gas station. In addition, Callaway & Price, a professional appraisal company in Palm Beach County, has completed a study on the location of the RaceTrac. The results of the study showed that there will be no negative effects on real estate values and the design would blend in with the surrounding commercial development.

I see many positive benefits for the residents of our village for having the RaceTrac gas station. Some of these include:

• The landscaping around the gas station will definitely beautify that area.

• The major entrance and exit at the gas station will be on Southern Blvd.

• It will be a convenience for residents and other businesses in the area.

• It offers additional income for the village to help keep up the beautification.

George Peltzmacher, Royal Palm Beach


  1. It is the worst thing to ever come before the council. The P&Z is just plain stupid to have ever approved this. It will cause traffic havoc and you cannot tell any of the residents any different. Just because you say it is good does not make it good. Time to end Santmariaville!!!!!!!!

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