Letter: Central Chamber Endorses ‘No’ On Question 3

The Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce is endorsing a “no” vote on Wellington Question 3. Amendment 3 would prohibit any development of motel, hotel, condo- hotel or apartment complexes within the Equestrian Preserve Area.

The chamber’s role is to advocate for pro-business opportunities and cannot support an amendment that forever prohibits development that could create economic growth and jobs in the future. It is important that we continue to support potential opportunities not only of Wellington’s equestrian industry, but for all of our business sectors that promote economic sustainability and quality of life.

We feel that Question 3 has no place in the Wellington Charter, as there are processes in place regarding these types of issues through the Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board and the Wellington Village Council.

The chamber will continue to collaborate with the business communities in our footprint to help ensure healthy economic and strategic growth.

Thomas Bean, Chairman, Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce

Editor’s note: Mr. Bean sent this letter on behalf of the chamber’s board of directors.