Letter: The Cost Of War

The recent tragic event at the Fort Lauderdale airport is symptomatic of deeper problems with returning veterans who have been “broken” after witnessing horrific and inhuman events occurring in areas of conflict.

The young veteran who shot 13 people served his country honorably for 6 years, came home, apparently, with unresolved but undiagnosed mental issues, and even though he voluntarily sought help in 2016, the system failed him and he was not treated.

Funding for mental institutions has been dramatically reduced and closings have been very common since the 1970s.

In my humble opinion, a nation who sends its young men and women into harm’s way are responsible for their care and restoration, both physical and mental, when they come home.

While organizations like Wounded Warriors have a role, the primary responsibility rests with our government, namely Congress, to see that our young men and women receive the timely care they deserve to prevent future tragedies like Fort Lauderdale.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach


  1. This is a very valid point and one that many have lobbied for over the past years but finally I am confident that with the new administration there will finally be the help that has been long needed. The last administration had 8 years to bring help to the stress of war veterans and instead VA conditions got worse. All need to stand tall and demand results.

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