Patriotism On Display In Pinewood Grove

Laura and Tim Menard decorate Pinewood Grove.

Residents Laura and Tim Menard hopped on a golf cart last week in Wellington’s Pinewood Grove community and put American flags in front of everyone’s mailbox. Then, they put a flag in front of all of the trees lining the entrance to the community to help make it the most patriotic in Wellington.

Why did they do this? Because Laura was “expressing my love for this country and building community within Pinewood Grove.” She grew up in Wellington in the 1980s, when everyone knew their neighbors, Laura recalled.

“We helped each other in time of need, and I always felt that I was part of something bigger than my family,” she said. “With a single mom working full time, my sisters and I learned the true meaning of the term, ‘It takes a village.’ When I moved to Pinewood Grove four years ago, I knew my family would experience something similar. To foster and help develop the sense of community here, we’ve hosted a block party, distribute annual calendars, invite neighbors to join the neighborhood web site hosted by Next Door and are working on a business owner directory to provide to all homeowners.”

After the flags were distributed, Laura was thanked by neighbors for giving the community some flair with this patriotic surprise.