Realtor Chad Hanna’s Reach Estate Opens Office In The Acreage

Realtor Chad Hanna recently opened an office in The Acreage. Reach Estate LLC’s grand opening set for Saturday, Oct. 28.

20Reach Estate LLC proprietor Chad Hanna has brought his many years of real estate experience to the western communities. He recently opened a storefront location in the Acreage Publix Plaza at 7070-9 Seminole Pratt Whitney Road.

The office opened for business on Monday, Oct. 2 and will host its grand opening festivities on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. with live music, face painting, presentations and more.

Hanna has a long history in commercial and residential property investment, and through his experience, and his spouse’s — who has been in real estate since the 1990s — Reach Estate offers expertise in a wide variety of real estate needs.

“The goal of Reach Estate is to be a residential, primarily real estate organization. There is a lot of business happening in this area, in terms of the new developments, and we anticipate a great deal of business coming to our table from that arena itself,” he said. “The goal of our business to be sensitive to the emotions that The Acreage people are feeling when they want to sell their house or when someone wants to buy a house and move into The Acreage. There is a certain sacredness to the country lifestyle.”

Plenty of land, being able to farm, great schools, abundant nature and the environment are all aspects of The Acreage area that brought Hanna and his family to the community. His goal at Reach Estate is to maintain the uniqueness of The Acreage while bracing for the inevitable growth of the area.

“The Acreage is my family’s home,” Hanna said. “I’m able to juggle the balance of having four small children who are in school, while I volunteer at their school, while I run the farm that we have, while I run a business down the street. Everything that is our life is within one mile of itself, and this is the main choice of this location.”

Upon arrival at the office, there are Adirondack chairs, a sitting space with a welcome mat after you cross the threshold, and three unique spaces within the office reminiscent of a living room, a kitchen complete with a coffee station and a television for displays, plus comfortable couches, lighting and more.

Hanna, as a family man, wanted Reach Estate to be different, a place where children, families and adults alike were welcome.

“Instead of having a boardroom, we have a children’s room,” Hanna said. “That caters to my family. When I come here over the weekend… my children aren’t just coming along for the ride, they have a home in my business.”

As a result, he offers something unique in the office, a children’s playroom, complete with a hand-painted mural, artwork by his children, and plenty of games and activities to cater to youngsters during long meetings.

Hanna approaches real estate in a clear-intentioned manner, with a concise interview about how a house appears in the prospective homeowner’s mind. He learns what their needs are, whether they need schools or not, walkable areas or not, if there are animals, if someone favors a homeowners’ association, and generally, how they want to live, which gives him the ability to find prospective homes without being overwhelming.

“Sometimes too much choice is not exactly a happy experience,” he said.

Statistically, Hanna said, it takes about three months and 12 possible houses for a family to find their perfect home. “It’s a compassionate guidance to what their experience needs to be, to be a happy experience,” he said.

To aid in the home-buying process, Hanna refers clients to lenders and other related vendors to streamline the process and get them on the path to their new home.

“We walk a smart path,” he said, explaining that it is better to be approved for an amount ahead of time, rather than go through the purchasing process and discover that they are not approved for the home price.

Hanna looks to find homes for families, and looks for the small details that help make a house a home, and he applies that knowledge and experience to his real estate practice.

Across the windows of the office are the words “buy,” “sell,” “lease” and “rent.” Reach Estate is able to help clients meet all of their real estate needs.

Hanna invites the entire community to stop by the office for the Saturday, Oct. 28 grand opening.

For more information, call (561) 602-2323, e-mail or visit