40 Rosarian Students Qualify As Duke TIP Scholars

The Rosarian students who qualified as Duke TIP scholars.

The Rosarian Academy recently announced that 40 students qualified for and have been recognized as Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) scholars. These students scored in the top 5 percent on their grade-level standardized test.

Duke University’s Talent Identification Program is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically talented youth. As a global leader in gifted education, Duke TIP works with students, families and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage and support gifted youth in reaching their highest potential. Nearly 3 million students have benefited from TIP programs and resources since 1980. TIP’s talent identification, academic and research programs now serve as worldwide models for the education of gifted students.

The Duke TIP Seventh Grade Talent Search allows students an opportunity to pursue an out-of-level testing experience by inviting them to participate in taking either the SAT or ACT college entrance examinations. These tests are exactly the same as that of high school juniors and seniors preparing for college admission. The talent search in fourth through sixth grades offers students the chance to gain a deeper understanding of their potential by taking the optional PSAT 8/9 as an above-level test.

In addition to building their testing skills, students also have the opportunity to learn and/or possibly participate in other programs for academically talented students.

Congratulations to the following qualifying students: (seventh grade) Sabrina Bernstein, Thomas Coates, Stephen Hall, M.J. Hanlon, Mia Pariseleti and Victoria Reynolds; (sixth grade) Natalie Acosta, Alexandra Beauchamp, Ariane Holton, Quinlyn Janson, Molly Lanahan, Lulu Lang, Daniele Mischke, Brewer Rehm, Layna Steele, Andrew Vargas and Tucker Yavinsky; (fifth grade) Emeline Chopin, Teddy Duncker, Cate Frerichs, Risa Hernandez, Georgina Keogh, Sophia Machado, Madeline McCarthy, Chloe McGann, Joseph Modenos, Parker Pressly, Logan Ray, Marissa Sanchez, Camden Sevald and Katherine Teubner; and (fourth grade) Edward Bauer, Emily Ding, Charlotte Jordan, Ella Ross Lang, Asher Levitt, Nicholas Lombardi, William Stetson, Kenneth Wagner and Katherine Ward.