Letter: Concerns About Bart Novack

On March 13, we will vote on our local Wellington Village Council seats, and I would hope for a strong turnout. I was also hoping that I would not have to write this letter, but after finally seeing some comments and policy from Bart Novak in the Town-Crier, I will. First let me say that I wish his wife and him the best with her health issue. Having just lost a friend and having a family member, and a close relative currently battling cancer, it is not something anyone should have to endure.

I am, unfortunately, a neighbor of Mr. Novack and have not been a fan of how he maintains the property where he resides. If you visit the village web site that Mr. Novack is critical of in his Town-Crier interview (www.wellingtonfl.gov) click on code enforcement and enter his name, you will discover nearly 30 code violation citations during his residence. His is consistently the worst property in our HOA and in Wellington in general. Maybe it’s because he does not own property in Wellington? I have been vocal and do express my displeasure with his lack of maintenance. I merely ask, in a respectful manner, to follow and abide by the rules. Unfortunately, this usually subjects me to his verbal abuse and four-letter tirades. As he stated, he has battled with code enforcement and the HOA. Well, I can guarantee he is right on point there!

It is noted that Mr. Novack is a first-time candidate, but that is not exactly true. He started to run for council several years ago, but withdrew prior to the election for reasons unknown. He does sort of spruce up his house when he enters as a candidate. (Actually, I’m kind of happy he is running for that reason.) I am not sure what point Mr. Novak is exactly making when he talks of access to parks and recreation in Wellington. I have no idea what he expects to accomplish here to improve this situation? I think Wellington deserves petty good marks in this area. If you have ever attended a village or HOA meeting that Mr. Novack also attended, I am quite sure you would have observed his antagonist and disruptive attitude. His lack of ability to compromise and communicate would not lend well to our council meetings and proceedings.

He talks about his grassroots campaign and how he is for the people. Well then, you would think his friends and neighbors would have rallied around him and be out campaigning for him. And how do you, 10 days before the election, announce what your policies would be? These behaviors and actions do not seem to make him a serious candidate, in my opinion. I do agree with his ideas on fiscal controls and responsibilities, and like to see government run within its means. Anyway, if you really care about your community, neighbors and environment, it should start right at home. In Mr. Novack’s case, I can guarantee it does not.

I will be casting my vote for his opponent, John McGovern. A candidate who has a track record and community support.

Paul Christoffel, Wellington


  1. Hey Pete,First this is not your real name!At least I use my real name to respond. Let’s get together and I will show you the real evidence to the ethics complaints you claim to know about. And how would you know about them if they are not public record!

  2. About the only person supporting Novack is ex-mayor Bob Margolis. He and Novack have been a team when it comes to filing frivolous ethics complaints against perceived enemies.

    • Hey Pete
      How long did it take to make up your name. At least I use my own. Why don’t we meet for coffee and discuss your issue. I can show you the real data instead of the baloney u are talking about.

  3. This is Funny.As he state I don’t own property,so how can I get violations? lol To inform the residents. In Mid January I did receive a letter of alleged blackmail which may have came from the same person or persons not to run or they would lets everyone know about this.I did see George Unger at Paul’s house .I think George wrote this letter as well.They both are supporters of my opponent. My question, was John Mcgovern evolved?

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