Letter: Karen Unger Responds To Alan Gerwig

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Alan Gerwig Responds to George Unger” published last week.

It is a pity that Mr. Gerwig does not understand the difference between a “personal attack” and a political discussion/disagreement. I usually proofread my husband’s infamous letters to the editor. He normally uses personal quotes from the particular person that he may be writing about. Therefore, he is not “lying” or making things up, but merely disagreeing with whomever he is writing about. Anyone who has been reading his letters for the past 25 years can certainly attest to this fact.

People call us about his letters and bump into us in Publix and around town all the time and tell him that they love his writing. Sometimes, when he doesn’t write in, they even ask why they haven’t seen a letter from him in awhile. He doesn’t discriminate. If he doesn’t agree with you, he writes a letter; man or woman, makes no difference to him. The point is he is writing about a subject, certainly not to disparage Mayor Anne Gerwig, but just to put another opinion out there on a couple of matters, such as the canal bank clearing, the Equestrian Preserve (it would appear that the residents of Wellington agreed with my husband, as a referendum was passed) and conversion therapy, to name a few.

As a matter of fact, on the two occasions that I, myself, have met Mrs. Gerwig, she has told us of her son’s desire to buy a motorcycle, a café racer. My husband has offered to let him borrow one of his motorcycles to make sure that is what he really wants. Does that sound like someone who is “bent upon fabrications and false allegations” or a misogynist? My husband and I have been married for 42 years. I am an independent, self-employed woman with a husband who supports every decision that I make. Anyone who knows us, knows this. We have an equal partnership.

I really don’t like to get involved in politics, but I found Mr. Gerwig’s letter to be more of a “personal attack” than anything else. I think that Mr. Gerwig’s letter has no single, legitimate point to make except for personal attacks and name calling.

I would suggest that Mayor Anne Gerwig is a public figure who can certainly hold her own, and that people have a right to agree or disagree with her and voice their opinions. That is what living in America is all about. We are allowed to say what we want to make a point, but we are not supposed to take it to a personal level. My advice to him is that his wife can certainly handle things herself and she can “run with the big dogs,” but maybe Mr. Gerwig should just “stay on the porch.”

Karen Unger, Wellington


  1. George Unger prides himself on attacking people with his sophomoric letters. Problem is the letters are filled with distortions and fabrications. Unger became a wannabe friend of the billionaire Jacobs family when they controlled the village with their puppets Rob Margolis, John Greene and Mat Willhite. During that time Unger’s keyboard fell silent because there was plenty of negativity without his pugnacious letters. But Unger’s allies Margolis and Greene were disgraced and removed from office amid numerous ethics charges. But George still can’t give it a break. George just can’t stand when people disagree in a cordial and productive manner and finds it necessary to try and create discord. He should be pitied.

  2. George (and presumably wife Karen) was a staunch supporter of the shamed former mayor Bob Margolis and councilman John Green who were booted out of office. Talk to anyone from the village and they will tell you about how Margolis tried to intimidate and threaten people to get things done. He had to pay a $7500.00 fine to the Ethics Commission but if he were still in office would be paying more along with Green.

    I encourage Unger to run for office and face accountability like a man (or woman as does Anne Gerwig).

    But it is easy for Unger to try being an internet bully but he is even sub-standard at that.

  3. Thank you George and Karen Unger!
    Keep writing George and proofreading Karen. George is a TREASURE of Wellington. He writes about issues that touch the residents. His letters are thoughtful, reflective and provocative. They help us to awaken our interests and love of our Village.
    Again, thank you George and Karen. See you soon in Publix.
    God Bless All.

    PS. Mayor Gerwig is doing a good job trying to stop wasteful spending by the Councilmen. It’s absurd to spend $1.3million on “Lake Wellington Beach Designs”. You can see that Gerwig knows how to earn a dollar versus wasteful councilmen who are lawyers just like those knuckleheads in Washington, DC.

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