Bronco Drama Students Shine At Festival

Palm Beach Central High School drama students.

Fifty Palm Beach Central High School drama students competed at the District 10 theater festival with 18 schools participating and more than 1,000 students in attendance. Palm Beach Central students earned a total of 76 superior medals and six critic’s choice awards.

Superior ratings in Solo Musical went to Cassie Ortiz, Alison Rivero, Andres Zayas, Caroline Kelly, Naomi Ruiz, Gracie Baker, Tori Lobdell and Isabella Marshall.

Superior ratings in Duet Musical went to Alison Rivero & Cassie Ortiz, Isabella Marshall & Amelia Marshall, Korinna Perez-Nunez & Naomi Ruiz, Grant Norman & Caroline Kelly and Tori Lobdell & Andres Zayas.

Superior ratings in Small Group Musical went to “Aquarius” from the musical Hair featuring Isabella Marshall, Tori Lobdell, Korinna Perez-Nunez, Naomi Ruiz, Alison Rivero, Emma Grad and Cassie Oritz; “It’s A Business” from the musical Curtains featuring Megan Agugliaro, Amelia Marshall, Caroline Kelly, Kayla Oswald, Leah Silverman, Gracie Baker and Sara Sonderman; and “What a Game” from the musical Rag Time featuring Andres Zayas, Brecken Hummer, Grant Norman, Greg Salgado, James Agugliaro, Jovan Hayes and Jake Glenn.

Superior ratings in Large Group Musical went to “Revolting Children” from the musical Matilda featuring Amelia Marshall, Caroline Kelly, Cassie Ortiz, Aislin Perrillo, Sydney Mcmillian, Caitlin Ocasio, Paloma Gomes, Alexa Gonzalez, Megan Agugliaro, Monica Canedo, Ethan Terrel, Nathaniel Veneziano, Kalani Perez and Rachel Savino, as well as “Thataway” from the musical Curtains featuring Tori Lobdell, Isabella Marshall, Korinna Perez-Nunez, Naomi Ruiz, Gracie Baker, Sara Sonderman, Leah Silverman, Yanira Hernandez, Emma Grad, James Agugliaro, Greg Salgado, Jovan Hayes and Grant Normann.

Superior ratings in Monologues went to Gracie Baker, Leah Silverman and Tori Lobdell.

Superior ratings in Duet Scenes went to Leah Silverman & Dani Botero and Jake Glenn & Brecken Hummer.

Superior ratings in Costume Construction went to Ayan Yokie.

Superior ratings in Makeup Design went to Caitlin Ocasio.

Critic’s Choice top honors went to Ayana Yokie for Costume Construction, Caitlin Ocasio for Makeup Design, Cassie Ortiz for Solo Musical, Cassie Ortiz & Alison Rivero for Duet Musical, Isabella Marshall & Amelia Marshall for Duet Musical and Emma Grad for Choreography.