Fodder Group Locates Sustainable Feed Manufacturing Operation In Wellington

The Fodder Group’s unique hydroponic sprouting system.

Fodder Group Inc, the world leader in hydroponic sprouting systems for sustainable livestock feeding, has relocated its Australian manufacturing operation to Wellington.

“Wellington is a wonderful location for our U.S. operations,” President & CEO Chris Levick said. “The equestrian market will benefit enormously from our fresh, nutritious product.”

Fodder is grown in a process where wheat or barley grain is placed within a hydroponic chamber. Over a four-day period, the grain is watered, and using special grow lights, it is transformed from seed to a lush, green nutritious product known the world over as “fodder.”

One of the remarkable features of fodder is that every pound of seed becomes 5 pounds of fodder over a four-day period. It is rich in protein, nutrients and live enzymes, making it ideal for horses, cattle, pigs and many more farm animals. It uses only a fraction of the water required to grow a similar amount of feed in a field, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Wellington entrepreneur Justin Hickey has been appointed as the dealer for Florida and could not be more excited. “I run a manure removal business, and my client base is perfectly aligned with this opportunity,” he said. “Already, they are taking the product up in droves. The response has really been remarkable.”

The technology and feed production have been tested all the way to the very top at the Olympic level. Well known Ocala horseman and Australian team representative Clayton Fredericks had two of the company’s systems at the 2012 London games to feed his entrants.

Fodder Group is holding an information day and launch at a Wellington barn complex in January. Interested parties are welcome to attend and can expect to see a working system, watch the horses be fed and a full explanation on the benefits of this unique product.

The event will be held on Monday, Jan. 7 from 3 to 5 p.m. at 3794 Shutterfly Way in Wellington’s Grand Prix Village. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more info., call (833) 363-3371 or visit