Wellington Hosts Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Winning team “Wellington’s Finest” with the guilty suspects.

Wellington’s popular murder mystery dinner theater returned to the Wellington Community Center on Saturday, Nov. 2 with the theme “Murder at the Greatest Show on Earth.” The sold-out event hosted 200 guests, who were treated to an original show by Standing Room Only Productions, along with dinner, music, costume contests and more.

The circus-themed show involved the murder of Ringmaster Rinaldo, portrayed by James Perkowski. He was shot during his singing of “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” and the suspects piled up quickly. As accusations flew around the room, guests Cheryl Lamey and Danny Blue were also pointed out as having a reason to kill Rinaldo.

Guests enjoyed songs, food and lots of laughs while they interviewed the suspects, including Freakie Freddie (Andrew Brown), Hormonia Heywire (Joey Scot), Catatonia (Astrid Voxx) and Madam Morticia (Valerie Jett). Detective Richard Head, played by C. Todd Vittum, kept the audience engaged and guessing.

The evening concluded with the solving of what turned out to be a complicated crime. Madam Morticia conspired with Hormonia Heywire to kill Rinaldo and share his fortune. The team Wellington’s Finest came up with the winning theory to solve the crime.

During the evening, guests also participated in a costume contest. Winners included Melanie Hooks in her living popcorn costume and Jason Block for his portrayal of a bearded lady.

Cathy Rollins, CEO of Standing Room Only Productions, has created uniquely themed murder mystery events in Wellington for the past eight years.

“I’ve been doing this for at least 25 years,” she said. “Wellington is great with the themes and the décor.”

To learn more about Standing Room Only Productions’ upcoming shows, or to learn more about private parties and fundraisers, visit www.cathysro.com.