A New Approach Uses Yoga To Target The Needs Of Equestrians

Soham Yoga has teamed with the Rider Project to create an equestrian-specific yoga practice. Yanira “Yani” Daes and Lisa El-Ramey recently joined their respective expertise in the fields of yoga and riding to bring the benefits of alternative approaches to the riding public.

While Daes is bringing her specific yoga approach to the Rider Project Seat Retreats and Whole Rider Workshops, she is currently offering three-week programs at her studio, Soham Yoga. This program is designed to maximize yoga benefits for riders in the least amount of time.

Soham Yoga is offering a condensed and concentrated program emphasizing areas of the body for the greatest gain in riding efforts. “Riders here for our winter season have a lot on their plates,” said Lisa El-Ramey, founder of the Rider Project. “Many of them are here for only a few months, and this program will give those riders an opportunity to gain the most benefit in the shortest amount of time.”

Soham Yoga is located in Royal Palm Beach. Riders wishing to learn more about the Soham Yoga Equestrian program should visit the studio web site at www.sohamyoga.net.

Soham Yoga works with students to develop correct form and focus on the musculature each pose targets. Daes, a breast cancer survivor, was drawn to practice yoga as a result of her own life experiences and established Soham Yoga as a sanctuary for others in their own journeys.

For more info., call Daes at (561) 601-2525 or e-mail soham.yoga@icloud.com.