Letter: Keep Current Lox Council Unchanged

Regarding the election for one Loxahatchee Groves Town Council seat, the council is pretty balanced right now. These council members have been getting things started and finished. They have come together, making decisions and our roads are improving. I hope this five-member council will remain the same after the election and continue getting things done.

No council agrees all the time, but this present council is pretty balanced and is not all one-sided. All council members should look to improve Loxahatchee Groves. A town needs to be diverse to survive. In our town, we have commercial, residential and agriculture. Building of roads (such as South B Road) to have safe, passable roads, less continual maintenance cost and having the roads drain should be a top priority of all present and future elected council members until the job of roads is complete.

Everything takes money. Selecting the correct council members who will make the tough decisions that will benefit all of Loxahatchee Groves is the key. Some decisions are not always popular, but are necessary to bring money into a town and have it survive without breaking the pocketbooks of its residents.

Money should be spent to build roads correctly (like South B Road), so they will last a long time, be safe to travel on, not need continual daily maintenance and not have residents worry about the roads every time it rains or what travels on them. A lot of money has been thrown away over many years trying to maintain dirt roads, and we always end up in a hole or trying to avoid them.

This council is working well together, and Councilman Dave Demarois has supported residents who have wanted their roads paved, drainage put in and trails done. Going forward in 2020, let’s keep this council the same and keep improving. When voting, re-elect David Demarois. Also, the council chooses who they want to appoint as mayor. We should not limit the council’s choice by a term limit for the mayor position. Let the council choose who they want.

Marianne Miles, Loxahatchee Groves