WHS Student Amanda Ng Continues Community Service Projects

Amanda Ng puts together her tie dye bags with tissue pack to be delivered to the seniors at Morse Life.

Amanda Ng, a marketing student at Wellington High School, took first place at the DECA state competition this year but missed out on nationals due to COVID-19.

She’s unsure of how her senior year will play out. Will school be online all year or will she be able to see the many great teachers who shaped her high school years, the friends that she shares wonderful memories with and the volleyball teammates that cheered each other on for the past three years? Will she have a last year on the volleyball team, a prom or even graduation?

“Those are things I cannot control, but I know my goal of 1,000 community service hours is something I can control,” Ng explained.

With the help of Dr. Christopher White and Dr. Jane Bistline and others, Ng was able to create her Heed and Feed project. Heed and Feed creates simple bags of peanut butter, crackers, water, wipes and a mask. These bags are kept nearby and given to those in need during one’s travels.

“There are a lot of people out of work, no home, no food and can’t afford a mask,” she said. “I simply thought about their needs.”

Ng has been encouraging others to make these bags via social media. She has also been making masks for people in the Belle Glade community, as well as masks to be sent to Cuba. Although her monthly visits with seniors at Morse Life have come to a halt, she prepared gifts for Morse to hand out to the residents once sanitized.

“We may not be able to share ourselves with each other right now, but nothing can stop us from caring,” Ng said.