CAFCI Hosts Student Assistance Fund Award Ceremony

(Front row) Student honorees Karlye Drake, Nirvani Balkaran, Rachelle Alcin, Kellie Cargill, Briana Ulysse, Tyson Elliott and Jamir Hutchinson; and (back row) School Board Member Marcia Andrews, Mayor Fred Pinto, Councilwoman Selena Samios and CAFCI President Dennis Wright.

CAFCI held its 31st annual Student Assistance Fund Award Ceremony on Saturday, June 8 at the original Wellington Mall with the theme “Empowering Youth and Investing in Our Future.” This year’s recipients were: Rachelle Alcin (Florida International University), Nirvani Balkaran (Florida State University), Kellie Cargill (Florida International University), Karlye Drake (Fisk University), Tyson Elliott (Florida State University), Jamir Hutchinson (the University of Central Florida), Anne Osme (Palm Beach State College) and Briana Ulysse (Alabama A&M University).