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Senior Housing Issues Deserve Action, Not Just More Talk

By at February 5, 2016 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

Florida is aging, and as it gets older, there is a need for affordable, quality housing to meet the needs of our senior population. Fortunately, both Wellington and Royal Palm Beach are exploring ways to meet this need. According to the AARP, by 2030, one in every five Americans will be over age 65, and the nation will face a severe shortage in appropriate housing to meet more...

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30 Years Later, Challenger Casts A Long Shadow On NASA

By at January 29, 2016 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

Thirty years ago, the United States suffered a serious blow to its psyche. Even more importantly, it suffered a serious blow to its worldly exceptionalism. And our nation has never truly recovered. It was during the crisp morning hours of Jan. 28, 1986, when the Challenger space shuttle soared into the sky like so many prior missions. But just 73 seconds into its more...

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Make Sure You Are An Informed Voter This Election Season

By at January 22, 2016 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

As the presidential primaries head from times of rhetoric and polling to a time of actual voting, the 2016 election is entering a new phase. Soon the election bandwagon will make its stop in Florida. On Tuesday, March 15, the same time Florida’s Democrats and Republicans will finally have their say, voters in the western communities will be taking part in municipal more...

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We Have A Dream: The Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

By at January 15, 2016 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

Just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we have a dream. We have a dream that one day, celebrating Black History Month will be an afterthought, because we will have progressed so far as a society that equality will truly be a way of life. We have a dream that one day, we will indeed be judged by the content of our character, and not the color of our skin, or our more...

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Be Sure To Visit Wellington’s Equestrian Venues This Season

By at January 8, 2016 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

If it’s January, it means that the equestrian season has returned to Wellington, bringing with it the world’s best show jumping, polo and dressage competition. While most people know that Wellington is famous around the world as the winter capital of equestrian sports, far too many residents and visitors alike have never set foot in the village’s world-class more...

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Human Trafficking Is A Problem That Deserves More Attention

By at December 25, 2015 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

While most of us are celebrating this holiday season in comfort with hopes of a joyous New Year, it is worth remembering that not everyone has these same opportunities. Some do not even get to enjoy the most basic freedoms we all take for granted. Believe it or not, more than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, slavery still exists around the world, across the more...

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History Will Be The Judge Of The Paris Climate Change Pact

By at December 18, 2015 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

History will be the ultimate judge of last weekend’s historic Paris Agreement, the pact that commits 196 nations to work together in an attempt to limit climate change and stem the continued rise of greenhouse gas emissions. The pact, adopted after years of groundwork and 13 days of intense bargaining in France, puts the world’s nations on a course that aims to more...

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Celebrate The Season By Taking Part In Festive Community Fun

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With Chanukah flickering out on Monday and just two weeks until Christmas, the holiday season is in full swing. There’s plenty of joyous goodwill taking place in communities large and small, near and far. Admittedly, the winter themes of the season don’t always mix well with our 80 degree weather, and some of this festive season can seem a bit strange to northern more...

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Day Of Infamy: The 74th Anniversary Of The Pearl Harbor Attack

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This quote, attributed to philosopher George Santayana, speaks volumes. Next Monday is the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Indeed, Dec. 7, 1941 is a day that has lived in infamy, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt informed a stunned nation after the deadly incident that more...

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Standing In Line? Make A Point To Shop Local For The Holidays

By at November 27, 2015 | 12:02 am | 0 Comment

Many moons ago, the jazz-rock band Steely Dan released a song called “Black Friday.” It’s a catchy tune, but has nothing to do with the frantic annual shopping experience unleashed on Americans the day after Thanksgiving — or, at some stores, on the holiday itself. In recent years, due to the ever-increasing push of consumerism and the continued growth of more...

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