Companies Partner With Wellington For Earth Day

Since its iconic inception in 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated around the world, to remind people of our impact on the environment.

For this year’s Earth Day, observed Sunday, April 22, Wellington will be celebrating with a family-friendly, engaging and informative afternoon of demonstrations, green vendors, raffles and giveaways.

Wellington will be partnering up with Jet Hauling and Whole Foods Market to provide the free and public event from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Wellington Amphitheater.

“The green movement is gaining so much energy now,” Whole Foods Market Marketing & Communications Specialist Lauren Belinsky said. “People really care about what’s happening and the future of our planet.”

Wellington has been at the forefront of environmentally sustainable measures, with the creation of a 54,000-square-foot LEED gold-certified municipal complex. Wellington Community Programs Manager Michelle Garvey is hoping that Earth Day will assist in informing all members of the community about the importance of living green.

“We need to teach the younger generation to incorporate being green into their lifestyle now,” she said. “As they get older, the idea will grow, and they will tell their children. It’s a snowball effect that will become a way of life one day.”

Earth Day is also a reminder that by just taking small steps, everyone can become more eco-friendly, Garvey noted. “Even here at the aquatics complex, where my office is located, we are trying to be more energy efficient with the type of lights we use,” she said. “We have recycling bins every few feet to remind everyone, even the summer camp children, about recycling.”

The event will feature an array of eco-friendly vendors displaying products for greening your home, such as solar panels. “People can browse around and get information about anything pertaining to going green,” Garvey said. “Hopefully we can show people ways to save money by greening their homes.”

The Wellington Garden Club will be demonstrating container gardening, the Solid Waste Authority will be providing recycling information and giveaways, and Whole Foods Market will be doing rain barrel demonstrations.

Belinsky is enthusiastic about the event because it signifies what Whole Foods Market represents.

“Caring about our communities and our environment are our core values at Whole Foods,” she said.

Earth Day is a way for companies in the community such as Whole Foods Market and Jet Hauling to showcase their eco-friendly mission to the public.

“We really wanted to come to together along with the Village of Wellington at the new amphitheater,” Belinsky said. “We are really excited to make this Earth Day as big as ever for Wellington.”

Wellington’s Earth Day celebration is a event for all members of the family. “We will have live acoustic music on the stage,” Garvey said.

This includes local performers and school musical groups. “The Binks Forest Elementary School chorus will be singing,” Belinsky said.

Free giveaways include reusable bags and tree seedlings for planting. “Only 1 percent of plastic bags are actually recycled, so we are trying to encourage people to use reusable bags by giving away 250 bags at the event,” Belinsky said.

The bags are limited to the first 250 people. “But the seedlings are probably not going to run out,” Belinsky said.

The Wellington Amphitheater is located at 12100 W. Forest Hill Blvd. For more information, call (561) 753-2484 or visit