A1A Tennis Hosting Seminars For Local Players

Tennis players looking to brush up on their doubles game need look no further: A1A Tennis is bringing the Ten Commandments of Doubles to your local court.

To help foster tennis in the western communities, A1A Tennis is offering a clinic for local tennis enthusiasts. Titled “The Ten Commandments of Doubles,” the free seminar helps players to break down and focus on the elements that make for a successful match.

“We point out to [players] what they need to work on,” A1A Tennis President Dennis Grainger said. “It’s based on a percentage tennis. There are certain shots that you get, that you have two or three options to hit the shot. There’s really only one best shot to hit.”

A1A Tennis began as Grainger Inc. more than 13 years ago. Two years ago, Grainger joined with Secretary Chuck Narvin and Treasurer Blake Merrell to form the company.

Currently, A1A manages the tennis center at Buena Vida in Wellington as well as other facilities in Palm Beach County, and is looking to promote its services in the community. In addition to its informative seminars, A1A tennis offers maintenance, instruction and program development.

Whether you have a neighborhood court or tennis center, A1A offers its seminar to groups of players looking to improve their game. However, permission from the center’s local tennis professional is required.

“We have to clear it with their home pros,” Grainger said.

Narvin began the seminars at the Delray Beach Club.

“It took off,” he said. “It was a clinic to highlight some of the things that they could do better.”

Commandments are broken down into simple steps that, with practice, help ingrain good practices in a player’s game. “Most people play doubles,” Merrell said. “This program highlights the most important components to a doubles game.”

So far, the seminars have been successful.

“Our smallest group has been 30 people,” Grainger said. “It’s a playdate for everyone. No one can do anything wrong. We try to give as much instruction as time will allow to help them. Then they can go to their home pro or host pro, or hire us.”

A1A is happy to offer its seminar to clubs in the western communities.

“We like to have a group of people out on the court,” Grainger said. “It’s great for them, and it’s great for us as a company. It’s a great way for inroads into the tennis community.”

For more information about A1A Tennis, or to schedule a seminar, visit www.a1atennis.com or call Grainger at (561) 376-6076.