Lox Groves Resident Sets Up Free Web Directory

Loxahatchee Groves resident Larry Lefkowitz announced last week that he has set up a new town directory web service.

Speaking at the Thursday, April 26 meeting of the Loxahatchee Groves Landowners’ Association, Lefkowitz said that the site, at www.loxahatcheegroves.com, went online a few months ago.

“We bought our property here in 1997, and I’ve had a web design and graphic design business here for the last 12 years, and for a long time I thought I wanted to do something like this, and I finally got around to doing it a few months ago,” Lefkowitz said. “It uses state-of-the-art town directory software. Essentially, you can create a free web page to advertise your business or an event you’re having, or you can post a classified ad, or if you have a business and you have a deal that you want to advertise, you can do that as well.”

Lefkowitz stressed that there is no charge for the service. “I basically set this up as a free service for the people of Loxahatchee Groves,” he said. “Normally town directories charge to post in them, but this is free.”

The site is easy to use, he said, explaining that people can go there and create an account, and after they do that they can create a web page for their business, event, classified or deal.

“If you need a web site for your business but you don’t want to go to the expense of doing it, you can use this, and if you do have a web site for your business, you can list your business here and have a link to your web site, which makes your business web site more easily found,” he said. “The more links back to your web site, the better it is.”

Lefkowitz noted that the site has been picked up by the major search engines, which will boost traffic. “It’s a good, free way to get good visibility on the search engines,” he said.

Lefkowitz said he wants to make people aware of this because the more people use it, the more successful it will be.

“For things like the classifieds to work, people need to actually look at them,” he said. “I’m just letting people know about this, so they can post their own classifieds.”

Some of the information picked up by LoxahatcheeGroves.com is out of date, which needs to be updated if people come across old information about their business, Lefkowitz said.

“If you have a business and you want to list it, search for your business first,” he said. “If your business is already in there, you can claim the listing, and all you have to do is create an account and you can claim an account and modify it.”

He has also set up a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/loxgrovesdirectory and a Twitter feed, which can be found at www.twitter.com/loxahatcheedir.

On the Facebook page, people can post their own pictures and stories to share with others following the page.

Lefkowitz’s business is Page Graphics Inc. More information about his company can be found at www.page-graphics.com.