Resource Depot Teacher Appreciation Aug. 25

Local nonprofit Resource Depot will hold a 14th birthday and teacher appreciation event Saturday, Aug. 25 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at its location at 3680 Investment Lane, Suite 1, Riviera Beach.

The first 100 teachers who arrive ready to shop will receive gift bags, refreshments, entertainment and other surprises. Be sure to bring your teacher ID.

“Many teachers who come through our doors are given $100 or less for supplies to last the entire school year,” Executive Director Jennifer O’Brien said.

Resource Depot’s mission is to provide these teachers an alternative to purchasing some (or even all) of their classroom supplies new. “The alternative Resource Depot presents is that of reuse,” O’Brien said. “Not only does working with reused or re-purposed materials help teachers stretch their budgets and keep these items out of the landfill for a second or third lifecycle, but it reinforces in a very practical way the importance of environmental conservation for both the teachers and their students.”

By making a very nominal dollar donation, educators can access Resource Depot’s warehouse and fill their classrooms with as many items as they can carry out. From three ring binders, to paper, folders, books, art supplies, foam shapes, tubes and more Resource Depot has something for every teacher of every grade level and area of study.

In addition to providing classroom materials, Resource Depot opens its doors to school groups for field trips, where students and teachers learn to use non-traditional, reused and recycled materials creatively while opening their eyes to ways that we can all be more environmentally conscious. It also provides teacher training sessions and on location workshops, as well as “This2That” workshops teaching creative reuse to anybody and everybody who wants to learn, hosted by Whole Foods Market.

Resource Depot is always looking for material donations to help these teachers fill their classrooms. Visit or call (561) 882-0090 for details.