Christopher Allen Helps Construct Naval Medical Facility Overseas

Navy Lt. Christopher Allen, a 2000 graduate of Wellington High School who is assigned with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11, Det Musa Qal’ah, recently completed construction of a 3,100-square-foot medical facility at a combat outpost in the Musa Qal’ah region of southern Afghanistan.

The medical facility, which houses a trauma ward, two operating rooms, a laboratory, and a post-anesthesia recovery room, will provide medical evacuation support and trauma care for operating forces at numerous outposts and forward operating bases in the Musa Qal’ah region.

U.S. Navy Seabees have a unique expertise in expeditionary construction. Their ability to build a quality product in a contingency environment during a time of war is reflected in their motto, “We build, we fight.” Enduring extreme heat, high winds and frequent dust storms, members of Detachment Musa Qal’ah took pride in overcoming the challenges of living and working in austere conditions.

Homeported in Gulfport, Miss., Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 is deployed to Afghanistan to conduct general, mobility, survivability engineering operations, defensive operations, Afghan National Army partnering and detachment of units in combined/joint operations area of Afghanistan in order to enable the neutralization of the insurgency and support improved governance and stability operations.