Equestrian Hypnosis Training In West Palm

Laura Boynton King’s Summit Hypnosis Performance Training nine-day course will be held Sept. 29 through Oct. 7 at the Hampton Inn West Palm Beach Airport Hotel, with two bonus business development days Oct. 8-9.

Many equestrian entrepreneurs report that it is getting much more difficult to increase and maintain their client base during a time when it seems as if the market is quickly becoming saturated with a rapid emergence of new equine client services. In fact, many traditional trainers and riding instructors have begun incorporating various aspects of sports and life coaching into their business, and therefore are able to offer a more robust value proposition to both new and existing clients. Now horse-related business owners can become certified hypnotists and offer an additional service to their clients.

The course is a basic to advanced hypnosis certification program and includes detailed instruction on how to build and sustain a viable hypnosis practice. Participants will learn the skills to be an effective hypnotist as well as the secrets to creating a successful, stand-alone, full- or part-time practice, or how to incorporate hypnosis into an existing business. The course will explain what hypnosis is (and is not) and why it works; how to successfully hypnotize someone, including several induction techniques with hands-on practice during training; and neuro-linguistic programming and how to use it to bolster the hypnotists success with time-line therapy, how to write and customize hypnosis scripts for weight loss, stress management, pain management, sleep improvement, peak performance in any sport, peak performance at work, relationship enhancement and more.

Boynton King is a certified hypnosis instructor, master neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, certified sports hypnotist and performance coach, and life coach.

The cost to attend the course is $2,497 for the full nine days and $697 for the two bonus business development days. Attendees will receive more than $4,500 in course materials and bonuses.

For more information, call (561) 841-7603 or visit www.lauraking.net.


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