Principal, Teacher Show School Spirit At Binks Forest

Students at Binks Forest Elementary School brought in more than 7,700 box tops in a two-week period. The contest began on the first day of school and continued until Aug. 31.

The two top winning classes, first-graders from Angie Yerkes’ class and third-graders from Lisa Gifford’s class, were able to have some fun with pink hair spray. Two students from each of these classrooms were on the morning announcements spraying pink coloring on the hair of Principal Michella Levy and third-grade teacher James Crickenberger.

The staff and parents at Binks Forest are very proud of the hard work of the students during this contest, as well as the show of school spirit from Levy and Crickenberger for allowing their hair to take on a very different look.

Above: Third-grade teacher James Crickenberger and Principal Michella Levy after their hair was colored.