The Collegiate Dolphins Acreage Team Of The Week

The Acreage Athletic League and the Acreage Tackle Football League have announced that the Collegiate Dolphins were chosen as the Spotlight Team of the Week. The Collegiate Dolphins are currently undefeated in both league play and inter-league play with Boca Raton. The team is coached by Davy Rimes, Robert Torres, Andrew Suarez and Jesse Schneider. The Collegiate Dolphins players include Ajani Frank, Jonathan Artigas, Tyler Perez, David Rimes, Salverio Molina, Daniel Lopez, Brando Gallo, Joseph Gallo, Dalton Blakeney, Kaimyn Castillo, Logan Walstrom, Wyatt Wisey, Daniel Proano, Jethro Joseph and Caleb Goertzen. For additional information about the Acreage Athletic League, as well as the Acreage Tackle Football League, visit the AAL’s web site at