Endorsement: Re-Elect Deutch To Congress

The Nov. 6 general election is just weeks away, and Florida voters have plenty of to decide before they enter their polling place. From now until the election, the Town-Crier will offer opinions on some of the items voters will find on the ballot. This week we offer our recommendations for Palm Beach County State Attorney, two local congressional races and the two Palm Beach County ballot questions.

U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, DISTRICT 21 — In this race, Congressman Ted Deutch, the Democratic incumbent in District 19, is running against two candidates without party affiliations, Cesar Henao and Michael Trout. Deutch was elected to Congress in 2010, following four years in the state senate. As a congressman, Deutch has passed legislation to crack down on Iranian nuclear weapons, help homeless veterans and deal with issues related to contaminated Chinese drywall. He has also introduced a bill to protect Social Security. Henao and Trout, on the other hand, have no experience and no real qualifications beyond a desire to shake things up. Their candidacies seem to be more about raising issues than a desire to do the actual work of legislating bills. Deutch has done well and deserves another term. The Town-Crier strongly endorses re-electing Ted Deutch to the U.S. House of Representatives in District 21.